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Thank you for your interest. Co-hort #2 is coming soon!

Turn Your Voice Into Your Ultimate Superpower

Are you ready to kick fear to the curb and step into the spotlight? To define your value and own your voice? To speak up and show up in all aspects of your work and life?
Jam Gamble Slay the Mic

Be One of The Exclusive Mic Slayers

Enrollment is limited to 20 spaces for co-hort #1.

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Pricing options

To enroll you have two pricing options. A one-time payment, or two payments spread out over two months. You can also use code 'jamanaday' for $100 off the price for a limited time.

Over 700 students taught worldwide in the program.

A Snapshot of What Past Mic Slayers Have To Say:

“Taking your program was a necessity! I was terrified to speak in front of anyone much more than a crowd and you got me to stand up in front of a group of amazing mic slayers! (Remember how you had to drag me from under the table?! ) Truth be told, I was so scared but the way you taught all of us to come out of our shells, the way you broke everything down step by step, made it feel so easy to talk. I can finally talk to people and not be afraid or feel silly. You showed me the most powerful tool that I didn't even realize was my superpower: my voice. You showed us how our voices and words can change lives and move mountains. It was more than slaying the mic, it was a therapy session that really and truly changed my way of thinking. I used to feel all the emotions when I had to talk in front of anyone, now I can't shut up! Girl, thanks to you there's a swagger in my step! I'm so happy to be apart of the #MicSlayer family! ”

Masterclass Attendee

Chantelle | ​@Tellyhercastle

“I saw Jam speak at the Toronto Business Babes Conference and I loved the way she lit up the room. As her presentation started, you just FELT the room getting mote energized. I was in awe of this superpower. At the time, I had a need for what I felt was a giant microphone. I needed my message to be heard in order to save my life. Nothing was more important to me than getting my message out but I was emotionally tangled up on the VALUE of my voice. I already had a fire lit inside of me to use my voice to make change but I needed A PUSH - a confidence boost, some tips and strategies. Throughout Jam's course, I discovered the VALUE of my voice and I told my story for the first time in public, without a script, to a small collection of women. This moment, coupled by the feedback that I received, set me on a new path in life. After that one weekend, I used my voice like never before. I spoke up. I went public. I made change happen. I saved my own damn life. Jam, thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Masterclass Attendee

Stephanie | @rosielifewithgrey

“Hey what's your favourite jam? Mine is Jam Gamble ! Sooo I attended a few networking events since I had my "break through" at yours and let me just say I don’t know who I was before I met you and how you did it ? I haven’t stopped or been the same since! I am boldly telling people about my future plans and making connections like a sugar fiend in a candy shop. I am starting to tell my story and wow are people responding and I haven’t even crafted what I'm going to say it's just the tip of the iceberg theres a hole lot more. I woke up with a great mind set and couldn't not thank you for that "Jam -Jam goodness" you gave me. I can't wait to see what happens to me next! Maybe this onion can shed another layer and wow will the tears drop then!”

Masterclass Attendee

James Gibb | @lifting_chef

“When Jam explained the power of our voice, I knew I had to work with her! Public speaking can be TOUGH. Speaking up can be TOUGH. But when you gain confidence and have tools, you CAN use your voice! Jam's superpower is helping you uncover your voice! She helped me and it's helped me land my dream job, do stand up comedy for the first time, and have tough conversations with clients and in personal relationships. ”

Past Mic Slayer

Veronica | @withherroots

“I absolutely loved this webinar. Even though we were online, it felt like we were together in an intimate venue. I've seen you teach in person and the same energy you bring there, you brought online! I especially loved that everyone got a chance to speak and get great feedback from complete strangers - which is something I was originally scared of doing, but it made me realize if I can talk to a group of people I don't know online, I can definitely do it at work, at networking events, and pretty much anywhere I need to talk!”

Own Your Voice Online Webinar Attendee

Jay F.

“I took the program primarily because I trusted the founder! I knew I needed to work on this part of me but it wasn't just about speaking publicly; it was me realizing that I had a voice worth listening to. Many barriers and obstacles were revealed to me and it was the kick I needed to make permanent change. NOW, I'm out here freely speaking and doing virtual speaking events knowing that my voice carries value. This time last year? Nah. I had a complete transformation. ”

Masterclass Attendee

Carcia |@carciahercastle


  • I see a lot of women/female-presenting people in your pictures, is the course also for men/male-identified folks?

    As long as you have the desire to amplify your voice and to bring it to the next level, the Slay The Mic Program is meant for you. Slay the Mic is designed to be an inclusive program meant for all Mic Slayers who have the desire to take their voice to the next level.

  • Is this program only for people who want to become public speakers?

    No, the program has welcomed content creators, aspiring speakers, storytellers, and people who simply want to reconnect with their voice. The Slay the Mic program is meant for anyone who wants to bring their voice to another level.

  • Will we be learning from you in real-time or from pre-recorded videos?

    Yes. You will be learning from Jam, 80% in real time, and 20% through weekly HD recorded video and downloadable content. Live classes will be available twice a week in two different time zones. You are welcome to come to both. You’ll get an opportunity to experience Jam’s energy in real time and also to get responses to your questions and to clarify any information while you learn. This is a unique experience from other courses, as you will be seen, heard and appreciated throughout your time in the course.

  • Can I pay via PayPal instead of Stripe?

    Yes! Email Jam at and you'll receive a direct link to pay via PayPal.

  • What will I get with my investment?

    In addition to real-time teaching, life-time access to replays and recorded course material, you will also receive a hard copy of the Slay The Mic Workbook, affirmation deck, microphone (mailed directly to your home), and one credit for a 30-minute one-on-one coaching call with Jam.

  • What if the course is FULL for co-hort #1?

    If you land on this page and you can't check-out it means co-hort #1 has sold out of 20 spaces. Co-hort #2 will be coming soon in the future!


On top of EVERYTHING else you're receiving, check out these extra goodies!


    You'll receive 1 'Quick Slay' Credit that can be used for a 30 minute private coaching call.


    In this BONUS 2 hour webinar, Jam will share her journey becoming Slayer of The Mic and give you her top tips+tricks to help your voice and brand stand out. VALUE: $150


    You'll officially be apart of the incredible STM Fam on Instagram that will continously encourage you to use your voice! VALUE: PRICELESS